i suck


just got a text with the date for the winter meetings and i lost it, so someone leave a comment and let us all know when that is. I bet Kenny Powers knows.
EDIT READ THE COMMENTS, the good doctor has helped us.


10 thoughts on “i suck

  1. i did the same thing."PITTSBURGH, PA – The first Manager's meeting for 2010 was scheduled for January 10th, but needed to be postponed because of health issues with President Joe Graff. The meeting has been rescheduled for January 17th. Please check the site for more details as they become available. The meeting time is noon with a site to be determined.Team Deposits of $500 or more will be accepted at this first meeting to grant access to individual Eteamz subsites, and list the team as a 2010 participant. All teams who send a representative to the meeting will receive a credit toward their 2010 team dues. Topics for discussion at this meeting shall include: Rules, Alignment, Playoffs, Fees, Marketing, and Fund-raising. Teams are reminded that they are solely responsible for acquiring a field for the 2010 season."


  2. Im on vicodin and steroids presently. Looking to combine the positive qualities of Brett Favre and Mark McGwire in the offseason. I'm gonna become a power-hitting lead-off batter with a rocket arm. 😉 Rochester Inn doesn't open til noon – Fox and Hound opens earlier, but I think that's out of the way for east and south siders. Any ideas on a noon meeting location?


  3. thanks, anonymous…the break has been refreshing. busy, Dr. Jones and I and others will keep you informed…Ducks are encouraged to post their positions on said topics on the site…I'll get one up before the meeting.


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