Mission Incredible Undercover Convoy


Practice this Sunday 1:30pm Pitt IM fields

Opening Day:

Monday 4/19/10
Spring View Field.

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side
The Fightin Rafalski’s

Brian Rafalski, Olympic Medalist, Stanley Cup Champion, Patriot.

Only Kenny Powers’ new bff, Cane’s head coach, Randy Shannon, knows if we’ll get reigning League MVP Brian Rafalski on the hill when we play the Fightin’s

Fightin’s Head Coach ponders the Sto-ROx opening day starter

The Hurricanes couldn’t have won two best of three series en-route to the title if they were a one man team.

Unable to get past the Fightin’s for the title last season

Ask the Sox how it was trying to hit Rekker with the title on the line last season. Regardless of who they throw, this game will give us an idea of how close we are to a championship caliber team.

Three days till the first pitch.

I’m lookin’ for writer in residence, Swoosh, to give us a post between now and Monday.


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