Schedule Change for your first place South Oakland Ducks…and Late Season Power Rankings

Bulldogs, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland will play a makeup game vs. the Matadors Friday at 6:15 at the Inverted Field in beautiful Etna.

The Matadors have been inconsistent this season.

We’re trying to get a game scheduled for Monday, July 5th

Recap of Bulldogs Fightin’s game from last week.

The Hurricanes only losses have come in the division, bummer for them.

The Bulldogs can clinch the Campbell Conference with a win over the Canes, or a win over the Warriors and another Canes division loss.

The Comment section has been mud.  Here are the power rankings as of July 1st.

  1. Bulldogs (14-2)
  2. Hurricanes (13-3)
  3. Ducks (11-5)
  4. Black Sox (9-5)
  5. Matadors (8-7)
  6. Militia (10-6)
  7. Big Oil  (crazy!)
  8. Warriors (5-9)
  9. Maulers ( 8-9)
  10. Eagles (4-12)
  11. Knights
  12. Titans

Notthing to controversial there actually, but whatever. The Warriors are struggling which surprises me. Now way should the OIlers be playing down.  The Ducks blog likes the Maulers to come out of A.  The Bulldogs have the inside track to hold off the defending champs out west.

South Oakland still has four division games remaining against the Militia (2) Sox, and Eagles. One Ducks win over the militia, and one over the Black Sox will clinch  the division.   The score from last nights Sox Eagles game has not been posted.


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