Gameday 23/24: Ducks at Militia

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South Oakland Ducks at Michigan Militia

The 5-12 seeds are set for the playoffs.

The Hurricanes won their division, and the Bulldogs clinched the five seed with a win over the Warriors Thursday.

The Ducks are the sixth seed, and the Militia are the seventh seed.

This could be a semi-final preview today.

The Ducks won’t face an AA opponent till the semis should we get past the Titans in round 1 and the Maulers/Oilers in round 2.

A win today will set a new Ducks record for regular season victories, eclipsing last year’s total of 16.

The Bulldogs are ranked fifth and will potentially play the Hurricanes again should the Canes beat the Black Sox two of three, which, given Alex Warren’s injury, i may happen.

Kenny Powers deserves MVP consideration.

For South Oakland Rob Cool has put up unreal offensive numbers after a slow start and has solidified the outfield.

Good coaching is responsible, clearly.

Rob Cool and Jimmy Fago, just chillin'

Tessyier is my pick for pitcher of the year, he only pitched against our toughest opponents down the stretch and shut down everyone.

He allowed one earned run in eleven innings vs. the Black Sox this season.

Obviously, Ken Cool for coach of the year.

Bad News for the Militia.



One thought on “Gameday 23/24: Ducks at Militia

  1. Ducks circa 2009 with Adam Smith was a more impressive team. 2010 Ducks are filled with high priced free agents. What was the outcome vs. the right wing Militia?


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