Wendsday 9pm, Springview Field Ducks vs. Militia

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

I haven’t posted a traditionall gameday post and now is clearly not the time to start.

I don’t think anyone in the league is upset the Canes lost, except the Canes, obviously.

It’s too bad TC, Homa, and Guthrie can’t make it tomorrow.

It’s too bad Swanger and Oliver and Faust and Swetz and a whole flock of good ball players who suffered through some shitty times with this team can’t be a part of the first semifinal in six years featuring the South Oakland Ducks.

We’ve got one game between us and the championship series.

The Militia are an elite team, and we haven’t seen them at their best.

But if we go into it with the right mindset, there’s no way we lose tonight.

I’m sure they feel the same way.

It should be one for the ages.

TC Jones number 17 is now retired.

Without Jones, we don’t have the chance to play for a spot in the finals tonight.

If he didn’t bring in the guys he did: Guthrie, Homa, Wojton, Jesse Smith (who brought in Cinefra), McCray (who brought us up to Erie where we played with Fago for he first time and we fell in love – collectively and in only a mildly and subtly gay manner), Novak, Coby, etc… Then we don’t win thirty games in two years, and if we’re not already a winning team going into last off-season, we don’t add the Cools, Tessyier, Flip, Scioscia, Harsh (who brought in Tim Lipp), Berdine and his crazy bat in woods antics and homerun power, Baumgartel who helped lead us through the first third of the season and is absolutly raking in the post season.

If not for Dr. Jones running into me at the pitt im fields,  this team probably disbands after ’07.

Thanks, TC.

Bad News for the Militia.


5 thoughts on “Wendsday 9pm, Springview Field Ducks vs. Militia

  1. Rumor has it, Ducks’ TC Jones will be making an appearance to sign and handout rookie cards to any and every fan. This includes any Militia member turned Duck fan after the pounding that will be handed out.


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