Tessyier Complete Game Victory in Game 1. Guthrie Defeats Chalfin in Game Two: Ducks Seep Sox.

Ducks win, League Champion South Oakland Ducks, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Pittsburgh NABA 2010 Champions

South Oakland Ducks

written down

Game 1 MVP James Tessyier 7IP, 1run

Game 2 MVP Kenny Cool 2-3 triple 2rbi

Playoff MVP: Rob Baumgartel

more to come


a quick post script by our number nine

Consider yourselves lucky ducks.  You were mostly still in high school when I was still playing, and man, we were bad.  We switched over to wood bats in 2006 and the league probably averaged about seven earned runs per game.  We probably gave up that many…plus an additional ten that were unearned every single damn game.  The thing I remember most, the thing that made us really suck was the errors.  We made errors on nice fields, we made errors on shitty fields, we made throwing errors, fielding errors, mental errors, not-paying-attention-errors, errors that cost us games in late innings, errors that put us in an early hole, and errors to further embarress ourselves when we were already out of it.  I pitched on those teams, and had a flashback when I saw Guthrie throw a five-out inning in the fourth or whatever it was, so what a relief, what evidence of how much better you guys are when you were able to get out of it with minimal damage and the lead still secure.  But all in all, you don’t make errors to begin with and that happens when you have dominating pitchers and an infield full of elite shortstops.  Errors happen, but Guthrie doesn’t seem to mind, he just keeps on pitching, like they didn’t happen.  He’s got faith in the team behind him, and that’s a credit not only to his experience and maturity but also to the team itself.  He knows they’ll get those runs back, no matter what happens.  I love that you’re able to jump on a team early; the BSox were playing from behind for 14 innings and you never let them back in, I love that you have guys that can drive in runs, when they matter, from the bottom of the lineup.  You deserve to be champions.

Five years ago I never would have believed it.  It was an honor sitting in the dugout with you guys.  You are deserving champions.

Quack – Swanger.

4 thoughts on “Tessyier Complete Game Victory in Game 1. Guthrie Defeats Chalfin in Game Two: Ducks Seep Sox.

  1. I knew we were gonna win game two when the first bad call by the field ump went our way and Florian was called out swinging…naturally we made it interesting in the top of the 7th, but I’ve been too busy making room for the trophy in my living room to think about that too much. quack….i’ll have a recap up soon.


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