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2011 Ducks Baseball, League Champion South Oakland Ducks, pittsburgh NABA

The final cost per Duck will be determined by the 27th.

If you’re planning on playing you should have paid $100 by today.

Another $50 payment by April 1st, and another when the season starts to be determined

Send me money.

checks payable to Ben Gwin


Ducks Baseball

PO Box 9181

Pittsburgh, PA, 15224

Down at the league office, Dr. Radical is working on getting the blog re-linked to the league site and getting our championship pics uploaded.

The season and our title defense starts in like 10 minutes, Jesus.

New Unis are in and they’re quacktastic.


In other uniform news,

2008 League MVP, Ducks standout Jim Fago has negotiated #9 out of retirement with South Oakland Legend, Rob Swanger.

Wear it well, Jimmy.

Quack, quack

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