Gameday [11] Ducks vs Sharks

2011 Ducks Baseball, Gameday

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (8-2)


West View Sharks (5-2)


Springview Field

I have no clue about the West View expansion team.  Hopefully they wear teal.

or multi-colored poly-cotton blend reminiscent of their name shake, the West Side Sharks, a Puerto Rican gang from the most famous musical adaptation of a Shakespeare play in history.

It takes balls to name your team after a tragedy about unrequited love.

Next year’s expansion team: The Murrysville Montagues.

I think there may be  former Matadors on the squad.

The Matadors are famous for trying to bribe both, former Ducks Manager TC Jones and current Ducks center fielder Rob Cool into throwing an adult league baseball game because they were pissed at the Commissioner for something ridiculous.

The Sharks appear to be solid, judging by their record in the not-as-good-top-to-bottom Allegheny Division, and a couple wins over good teams.

South Oakland of the North Side takes an 8-game winning streak into tonights game, coming of back to back shutouts of the Black Sox and Bulldogs respectively.

We can’t take this one lightly.

Sharks are at the top of the food chain, but also can be hunted, skinned and made into  wallets and sweet pants (see above).

Bad News for the Sharks.


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