and then it got worse

2013 South Oakland Ducks Baseball

After a bizarre week in which the team nearly folded, South Oakland was 3 outs away from a much needed victory on Sunday night. Up 10-5 in the seventh, the Ducks proceeded to surrender 9 runs to the Pirates in the top half of the inning and lose 14-10 in spectacular fashion.

This was really painful.

We played with four starters, four backups who came into the game with one hit between them, two guys from single A and Tim Maul, who lost his pants.

If we had one more starter, we probably hold them to under ten runs and take this one.

On the bright side, we’ve scored 17 runs in the last two games, which is more than we scored in the first 8.

However, we are 1-9. The worst ten game start in team history.

But we’re only 1.5 games out of a playoff spot behind 3-8 Carrick, with 14 left to play.

Sunday’s game was delayed by some D-bag, who had the wrong field permit and scheduled a full day of soccer on the outfield at Moore Park.

The Commish stepped in and called the cops. The cops sorted out the permit discrepancy.

Many thanks to Joe for handling that.


3 thoughts on “and then it got worse

  1. Some thoughts…

    1. Gotta know where we are going with the ball if we get it, I should do a better job communicated pre and during play.

    2. Have to find a way to get on these umpires good sides, and/or find a rule book and show them when they are making idiotic calls.

    3. At least we are hitting, and we are better than that team.


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