Ducks Win

2014 South Oakland Ducks, Ducks win, pittsburgh NABA

South Oakland of the North Side (8-3) came away with a 2-1 victory over the Titans(5-7) in Bellevue, Sunday afternoon.

Ducks’ starter, Brian Strom pitched five innings for the victory, scattering 7 hits, striking out 7, and recording his league-leading seventh hit batter. He also smashed his head against the fence after a diving attempt at a foul ball down the right field line in the 7th. He returned to the game.

Anthony Ciccone recorded the 2-inning save.

Culp and Ciccone had RBI for the Ducks.

Both starting pitchers pitched out of trouble all game, and there was solid defense from both sides.

Donnie had a sweet base hit in the fifth. Limbach also singled. Culp doubled in the game winning run in the first. We thought we lost Riley for while in the sixth.

The game ended on a deep fly out to left field that RBI Collector, Matt Swetz, misjudged initially before making a heart stopping, backpedaling, tumbling catch to seal the victory.

I’m surprised the Titans don’t have a better record.


9 thoughts on “Ducks Win

  1. Honestly, i am sick of all this Ducks bullshit. Youre team has been annoying since this league began. You claim to be the “good guys” of the league, but you are as annoying as the Owls. I actually respect the owls more than you because they are honest dicks. You guys are so much worse and smug and hide behind stupid blogs and back handed comments during the games. I can count at least 5 times during our last games when I heard smart ass comments coming from the boneheads sitting on your bench. How about understanding the game a little bit before you start making comments from out your ass. Anyway, you dropped to single A thinking you would dominate, but you ran into a bunch of “yinzers” (don’t think we didnt hear the names you were calling us during last game) who have whipped your ass two games in a row. See you in the playoffs………


  2. Is this Garrett mimicing a WOLFPACK!!! alcolyte? I just assumed none of their players or coaches/members of the Eastern Ohio sex offender registry had access to the internet. Or maybe I thought their reading level wasn’t high enough to comprehend the beauty of the blog.


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