Double Header tomorrow

2014 South Oakland Ducks

Tomorrow might be the first time the Ducks play a game at Spring Hill that’s not under the lights. We have the Monsters at 6pm and then a throwback night against the Bombers. To celebrate the history of the Pittsburgh NABA and it’s oldest team (both in terms of average age of players, and years with same team nickname) players are asked to wear their oldest NABA uniform they still have in their closet. We expect to have players in uniform representing Ducks from almost all eleven seasons and potentially: Pythons, Graybats, Oilers, Militia, Orioles, Phantoms, Rakers, Knights.

Bombers players are welcome to join. Though I assume this would mean Joe Graff in a Bulldogs/Pythons Jersey and everyone else in last years Bombers unis.

In other news it looks like the Lions have about clinched the division. North America has won something like 15 straight games. Their magic number is 1.

Since we technically started the WOLFPACK!!! game, it is considered a suspended game and will only be made up if it affects the standings. West View has four other games to get in before the regular season ends on the 19th.

We might have to play them on the 19th with a first round bye at stake. They’ve also not entered any stats or a roster or anything on the league site. I hope we don’t have another Hurricanes situation on our hands.

The Bombers have clinched at least the six seed, holding the tiebreaker over the Monsters and Senators. The Titans can’t finish any lower than fifth. The Monsters hold a half game lead over the Senators for the six-seed. The Warriors need to win out and get lots of help to make the playoffs.

First round games start on Sunday the 20th. The best-of-three semifinal series start the following week.


2 thoughts on “Double Header tomorrow

  1. thats a valid question, will playmaker be permitted to play for either team provided he has an authentic eagles jersey and novelty license plate?


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