Gameday 3: Ducks vs. Express

2017 South Oakland Ducks

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (1-1)


Carrick Express (1-3)


Springview Field

Last night’s game vs the Oilers was rained out. There was just enough rain at just the wrong time to render the field unplayable.

Tonight the Ducks look to win their second straight vs. the Express who apparently have new uniforms. Curious to see how they’ve re-branded the team after a tenuous offseason. If I ran that team, I would just get t-shirts with Nolan Ryan’s face on them.

Should be a good one tonight. Carrick has always had solid pitching, but they’ve historically found ways to lose games in spite of this. South Oakland typically has won with offense, but I like our rotation this season. We have two former militia members ready to go tonight on full rest thanks to yesterday’s rain out.

Bad News for the Express.


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