Gameday 2: Ducks vs Bandidos

2019 South Oakland Ducks

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (0-1)


Dirty Birds/Biscuits/Bakery Square Bandidos (0-0)


Springview Field

After losing an error-filled but otherwise winnable game last week and a rainout in Area X on Saturday, the Ducks will host the 2017 champion Bandidos tonight if we don’t get any more rain, and the field dries out.

We generally play the various incarnations of Bakery Square pretty close. Should be a good one at the Duck pond if we can get it in.

Springview is in better shape than years past, but it’s still relying on a trench filled with leaves and syringes for drainage. The city’s lack of interest in maintaining the field is discouraging. If I win the mega millions, I’m putting in turf.

Elsewhere, the Oilers are 4-0, while the rest of the league struggles to get in games. We need to get in the win column early so we don’t get bogged down in June playing four games a week while those guys rest their pitching staff.

A win over a good team tonight before the flood hits this week would be big.

Bad news for the Bandidos


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