Gameday 3: Ducks vs Eagles


South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (0-2)


South Side Eagles (0-2)


Moon Park

Projected starters:

Ducks: Brandon Blackstone (0-1)

Eagles: Idk, Quinn or a new guy

After a weekend sweep at the hands of Cranberry, South Oakland opens its home schedule tonight at Moon Park against the equally winless Eagles. The Eagles lost to the defending champion Devils twice last weekend.

South Side took two of three regular season games from the Ducks last season, and are always a tough opponent regardless of record. Both teams figure to be patching together a rotation early in the season after double headers to start the season. Getting ten-runned by the Devils on may help South Side tonight as they saved some wear on their bullpen.

Speaking of bullpens, Ducks pitchers walked 17 batters and hit six more over their first two games. Twenty-three (23) free bases over fourteen innings is significant. We will have to improve on those numbers going forward. No time like the present to get back to throwing strikes.

Bad News for the Eagles


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