Ducks, Pitcher start out slowly


Is there a team as bad as the Pittsburgh Pirates? Is there a pitcher as putrid as Matt Morris? Well, you may not have to look too far in order to answer those questions. Tonight, the Ducks got their season off to a slow start by receiving a 13-1 beat down by the Brookline Black Sox. Pitcher Adam Smith gave up 6 walks, 2 bean balls, numerous hits, countless runs and even took a shot to the schnoz during his 3 innings of work. It seemed like Smith was trying to do his best impersonation of ex-Pirates starter Matt Morris and he was spot on in his performance with the exception of having ten million dollars in his back pocket. One game does not define a team or a pitcher, especially the first game of the season but with the high expectations coming into this season from Ducks management, this first game was a colossal disaster. I caught up to the struggling starting pitcher after the game to gauge his mood after what transpired.
“Obviously I’m disappointed in my performance and in the result of the game but I feel like my past speaks for itself and shows that I can be a decent pitcher in this league.” Smith stated.
“I want to apologize to my teammates for my performance tonight and I hope that they haven’t lost their confidence in me. Coach Jones showed a lot of faith by starting me on opening night and I feel that I let him down. I can’t wait until I can get back on that mound again and prove to him, as well as the rest of the team, that tonight’s performance was a fluke. Our team is hungry and we are pissed off about tonight’s performance…..I feel bad for the next opponent that we have to face.”
So is there a team as bad as the Pittsburgh Pirates or a pitcher as putrid as Matt Morris? Maybe, but there has never been a team with as much heart and desire as the South Oakland Ducks.

Stay tuned for a great season.


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