Rain Out, Schedule Ramifications

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball, who names their team the Rebels?

First, I’d like to apologize to Nick Homa’s grandparent’s for the use of profanity a few posts back. The line in question it is a quote from the film “The Big Lebowski”, which is one of my favorites. I assure you I don’t hate anyone, and don’t normally use the f-word as a modifier in my writing. I will temper my language from now on. Thanks for reading, and providing Nick with wonderful baseball genes.



It’s obvious, the league president contacted Storm from the X-Men, and had her use her mutant powers to bring a fierce downpour upon Spring Hill, to flood the field and cause a cancellation. He has been doing this all season, just to get in the heads of his division rivals and teams who give him grief.

This game will be made up some time this week. Thankfully, Storm will be fighting giant robots in a far away galaxy, and will not be able to help her friend Joe delay the inevitable beating by the South Oakland Ducks any longer than a few days. (put that on your bulletin board, you Mutant lovers.)

In other news, the Ducks will take on the Confederacy on Saturday at a field to be determined sometime in the noon hour. That will give me another week to anger them into hitting me with a pitch.

South Oakland will potentially play four games in six days this week. We will be provided 24 hours notice before any games are scheduled.

This is happening league wide in an attempt to get all the rain-outs played, every team will deal with this, so don’t start feeling sorry for ourselves, or mad at Joe just because we had our pitching rotation set on “Decimate” for the final playoff push.

The Ducks’ bullpen is ready to pick up the slack. Jim has been dreaming of this since the Matadors’ game, TC’s wing is well rested, and ready fire.

In theory, I’m in favor of the move. It would cause problems if the Rakers finished with one more game than the Ducks and the Eagles. I don’t like the fact that I may either have to miss work, or a game because of it. So it goes….

We have a chance to get into the playoffs. I will do everything I can to get to the games, it is in our team’s best interest the rest of the Ducks do the same.

Both Rambo and Captain America would have fought for the Union.

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