An early morning interlde into the time machine

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

OK it’s the future, the summer of 2009, and the Gray Bats have just been swept by the Ducks.

That’s about it.

Back into the phone booth/delorian/weird bicycle like machine from H.G. Wells’ book.

It is the present again.

For the record, I’ve never tried to take a player from another team. I was approached, (after the Ducks took two of three from the Rakers last season) as Ducks team blogger and founder about the availability of two spots on the roster for pitchers Jeremy Barchie and Ben Sorosky.

They’re two of the top five pitchers in the summer league so of course I said we’d find room. Barchie was adamant about leaving the Rakers for his former team, the Ducks, Sorosky seemed reserved never committing entirely.

Now Sorosky has claimed allegiance to the Gray Bats expansion team for this summer, and I imagine he’s already contacted his pal Jeremy Barchie about forming a formidable top of the rotation for manager Zalewski.

Larry, why not just be the “Grays”? it would be a wonderful tribute to the Homestead Grays of the Negro Leagues. And if your team is all white guys, it would be great irony.

Best of luck in the Summer or 2009, Gray Bats, may you win all of your games not versus the Ducks, when Barchie no-hits you on his way to the 2009 Pittsburgh NABA Cy Young Award.

The ducks have three no-hitters in team history, all by Ian Dickman.

Also, I have no ill-will towards the owlz, aside from their use of the letter “z” and the fact that they are champions and I have been waiting for five years to get the trophy back to South Oakland. I disagree with some of Rob Coolz methods, (the incessant recruiting of other team’s stars, and the scouts he has sent to the Mexican Winter League and every American Legion team in a five twp. radius) but you can’t argue with the results, they are the champions and they earned it.

2009 is the Ducks’ year.

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