Winter Baseball

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Buy Ducks stuff for everyone you know this holiday season, it’s not too late.
I have done nothing to enhance the store, which I wanted to do, but I recommend buying a sweet Ducks hoodie or golf shirt and supporting our team while also providing a gift for someone you know and care about on some level. Or buy yourself something with the money you may or may not receive for whatever Pagan holiday you will celebrate this winter.

Go to the league site for info on winter ball

I played winter ball last year, it was fun. One night a week from Jan-March.

PGH NABA players will receive discounts at a few local indoor facilities this winter, I’ll have more specifics on this at some point (or you can contact the league office at and Coach Theodore Jones will email everyone about spring training at one of these facilities.

The Winter Meeting s will be held on January 11th at an undisclosed location (bar) in the greater Pittsburgh area.

The A and AA divisions idea will most likely be shelved.

I think pre-season tournament would be fun…. A fun way for the Ducks to display our dominance as early as May.

I expect a handful of new faces in South Oakland, attached to heads full of baseball wit and killer instinct, who will play key roles in our quest to reclaim the championship.

Our goal is to dethrone the Owls like Claudius, only without all poisoning and stabbing–in a literal sense anyway.

Opening Day is only approximately four months and ten days away.

The blog will pick up again when I have anything worth mentioning, expect a grandiose season preview. I’ll contact other managers to give their own thoughts on their teams and use that stuff against them later in the season.

“Scrooged” is the best Christmas movie of all time.
“Ghostbusters” is the second best.


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