Happy Holidays

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
It’s about time for me to start getting ready for the upcoming season. I told myself I’d take off until January then start retooling my swing so it looks nothing like the picture in Ben Sorosky’s blog.
Which is fantastic and you can read by if you follow this link

Ducks News: Highly touted free-agent pitcher Jeremy Barchie is on the fence.

The much sought after former Raker, has narrowed his choice to either the Ducks or playing alongside his friend Ben Sorosky for the Gray Bats.

The choice is basically to play 100% of the time for a team that will finish around .500 and figures to lose a lot of 3-1 games, or to play maybe b75% of the time for a team that will win 83-99% of its games.

It’s an interesting predicament. To be a large piece of the puzzle that puts a team over the top, and into the front-running for the championship, or to be the addition to the Gray Bats (a team laking depth, defense and offense and currently has little premier talent (that I know of) other than Sorosky) that makes that team at least competitive two out of every three games it plays.

There is something to be said for competitive balance, and wither way the Ducks wish Jeremy the best of luck in 2009, whether he’s part of the 2009 Champion Ducks or not.

If you come back to South Oakland, Jeremy, #4 is all yours,
and Red Man.

(profanity in this video)

“We’re after the gold and after that the platinum”

There’s been a Matt Swetz sighting.


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