Goodbye 2008

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

There’s been a Bob Faust sighting.

Bob was a Duck during the “Red Scare” years of 2005-2006. Before the 2007 season he ran away to California to find inner-peace, but came back because that state is infested with hippies. My dates might be wrong, but I know he led the team in times hit by pitch one year and played as hard as anyone on a bad team, which is not easy to do.

Bob introduced KT Murphy, Chris Roth, and Brett Pusateri to the Ducks. When Chris and Brett are healthy and present they are capable of putting up MVP type numbers. KT has been one of the most important, dependable Ducks during his two year stint in South Oakland winner of the 2008 Duck of the year, and the most improved Duck in 2007. Thanks, Bob, you have an eye for talent.

#99, Robert Faust is a Solid human being who hated losing all those games as much as I did. As the South Oakland Ducks founder and team blogger I would like to welcome him back to a winning team.

Team of Destiny 2009.



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