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2009 Ducks Baseball, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Ducks Practice this Sunday at 5pm
Greentree Sportsplex:
600 Iron City Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205.

Mapquest that address or click on this link: directions to sportsplex

On Monday at 7pm we’ll have a modified, scrimmage game against the Black Sox at the Sportsplex.
it will be the most intense indoor bullpen session with live batters and catchers with hits decided by the coaches that has ever occurred during February in Greentree.

There’s supposed to be a league meeting on Sunday.
Get your money to TC,
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Sorosky is out of his mind, literally and figuratively:
checkout his GrayBats/Pitt Greensburgh Blog
Good stuff, I admire his confidence.
Quack away in his comment section.

I wrote this about the Super Bowl

Spagnola’s T-shirt guy can get us shirts for around six bucks apiece, but we’d have to order 50 of them.
We’d all be on the hook for part of the other 30 or so shirts, (about $10 wholesale in shirts per player) which we could sell to our fans to pay for our own away jerseys.
It’s worth considering.
other shirt vendors are in the $9-$12 per shirt range for 30 shirts so the total money is close, but we wouldn’t have a wonderful T-shirt surplus to use for fund raising.

We will need to know how many new players we will have by March 1st so we can order green jerseys.

Go Ducks.

Six More Weeks of Winter: Groundhogs rally late, pound Beavers for six runs.

2009 Ducks Baseball, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Groundhogs 6, Beavers 6

Jimmy Spagnola made his pitching debut for the PGH NABA Groundhogs Winter League Modified Indoor Baseball Team. He allowed 6 runs, 3 earned, and struckout maybe five Beavers over six innings.

The Beavers did not appear interested in swinging the bat early. The took a 6-0 lead by taking a bunch of borderline pitches, walking and hitting weak grounders that were misplayed by the ‘Hogs.

Errors by Vinny Gala and Ben Gwin led to 3 unearned runs.

Having been shutout 6-0 by the Sharks on opening day, and continuing to struggle to string together good at-bats, the Hogs appeared to be reliving the same game over again, entering the bottom of the fourth, the Groundhogs had gone ten Winter League Modified innings without scoring a run. The sleepy atmosphere on the bench and the cold and general lack of intensity provided a creepy sense of deja vu on Groundhog Day. The Beavers were really into the game, they wanted to win badly, while it seemed the Hogs were mostly interested in getting some work in before the start of the spring season.

Then the PNGWLMIBT seemed to grow tired with the bush league antics of the Beavers, and realizing they were all at least 10 years younger than the competition, decided to play baseball. The Hogs scored four in the fourth, one in the sixth, and one in the 7th to comeback and tie the game.

John from the Huskies (I think) drove in the first 2 runs of the season. Then we scored 2 more somehow.

I wasn’t paying much attention.

Mike Martin drove in a run in the sixth, and Gwin had the game tying hit in the bottom of the seventh.

I think Martin had two hits, Graff had one, Gala ripped the ball right at guys all game. Spags was on base a lot. Wino had at least a single maybe two, whatever.

I’m out in front of everything. shitty.

I would play for an over 28 team just to beat those guys in the regular season.

Go Groundhogs.