NHL Playoff Relevance


The South Oakland Ducks play the mighty and revamped Hurricanes this Saturday in what is the Pittsburgh NABA’s representative of the NHL underdogs.

Bare with me, if you will. The Anaheim Ducks (formerly The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim) stormed into President’s Trophy winning San Jose as the 8 seed and took the series away in six games. The Carolina Hurricanes (I hate this team. You take the Hartford Whalers and give them to Raleigh? WTF!?), pulled off a Cinderella upset of the 3-seeded New Jersey Devils with a mighty push in the last few minutes of Game 7.

Any resemblance to the respective starts of the teams in NABA play? (I’ll give the Hurricanes credits when it comes to song references, they get “Rock you like a Hurricane”, “Like a Hurricane” and Dylan’s “Hurricane”)

As an aside, rumor has it that the Philadelphia Flyers are considering a name-change to the Flyerz as an attempt to ride Rob Cool’s hot streak.


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