OwlZ Week. Fundamentals are the Crutch of the Weak and Talentless.

2009 Ducks Baseball, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
Sources tell me that the Owlz in fact put their pants on two legs at a time.

(you can take your stinkin’ trophy and shove it up your ass – Lupus, Bears secondbaseman)
(thanks for the edit #9)

The double header against the Owlz (2:30 Findlay Sportsplex) is going to give the first place South Oakland Ducks of the North Side a good idea of what has to be done to knock off the defending champs.

Hopefully that does not include adding Jose Canseco to our roster. (If he’s not already on the Owlz)

Their team is a mystery.

Can they be THAT good?
Are they as unbeatable as they think?
Will they ever update their “My Site Newz”( I think they should start a blog that is more condusive to comments/anonymous cheap shots and harassment. )
will Rob Cool be held liable when someoen has a seizure while reading their current team site?
Will their disregard of the letter “s” be their charmic downfall?
Will Kirk Gibson and RolandThompsonGunner steup up their blogging during a week where I’m up to my balls in work?

We will find out.

Everyone hates these guys, and most of their roster is new.
I’ll reserve judgement.

A hidden camera has captured footage of a recent attempt on an Owlz pitching prospect.
Kenny Powers talks about what it takes to excell in the Pittsburgh NABA.

I hope the PCB schedule doesn’t interfere with the availability of some of our starters.
If so we will get by and not make excuses.

I am in favor of the Owlz raising the bar in terms of competition and talent in our league.
it forces the rest of the teams to do the same if they want to contend for a title.
I welcome the challenge, so do the rest of the Ducks.
We are heading towards breaking into A and AA divisions.
Coach Bombay has tried to aquire the best talent he knows, so has Rob Cool.
Sentence structure is a crutch for the talentless.


I recommend anyone who has a problem with the way Joe runs our league, to volunteer to take his spot as commissioner, or to provide potential solutions to the problems they have (perhaps during winter meetings), instead of just complaining.
(some people do offer these suggestions)

Don’t let his hulking pecks fool you. Joe (above left) is actually quite approachable and welcomes ideas to imrpove our league.

The minor problems this league has today would have been welcomed four years ago.
Pittsburgh NABA all-time HR champion and six year veteran, Kenny Powers agrees, I’m sure.

(I owe Kenny another $1.65 for using this image.)

The undefeated Ducks are ready to shock the PGH NABA world this weekend.


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