Games 6 & 7: Owlz Ground Ducks


Things started sloppy for the South Oakland Ducks and quickly headed further south as the Mother’s Day double-header against the Owlz transpired. The game itself was delayed while the teams waited on umpires (who never showed) causing agitation and leaving the game with scrimmage-ish feel.

My memory of the early game is murky, but Homa pitched better than his line will show. The Ducks as a team were guilty of committing countless errors prolonging innings that allowed the hard-hitting Owlz to rack up runs. The Owlz simply do not strike out, forcing the Ducks to field an insane amount of balls, with a final score of 9-1 (I think). Sorry for the lack of recap, but there aren’t really too many highlights.

The second game started off pretty well (an ump did show for this one) for the Ducks as they jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the top of the first inning as Nick Homa plated Wojton with a single to right field. The Ducks also staved off a potential rally in the bottom of the inning only allowing 2 Owlz to cross the plate.

The game remained close until the bottom of the third when the floodgates opened as the Owlz put across six runs through monster hits and the Ducks errant ways. The Ducks responded the next inning as Homa hit another run in, closing the gap to 8-2.
Coach Jones came in the pitch in the 4th and the results weren’t any better. The Owlz kept clobbering the ball and the Ducks weren’t helping their own cause. By the time we were heading into the fifth, the Owlz needed only one run to enforce a ten run rule against the listless Ducks. A fly ball that carried over Roland’s head, gave the Owlz that advantage. The final score of both games combined: Owlz 21, Ducks 3.

Bullet Points:
-We were all responsible for this, nobody played up to potential.
-Jones, Smith, and Homa didn’t pitch that bad. The Owlz are the best hitting team in the league (by a country mile) and the defense just wasn’t there.
-The Owlz number 3 hitter (Flip maybe? Something like that) is absolute machine. I’ve rarely seen a hitter of that caliber.
-No excuses.
-Homa had all 3 Duck RBIs.
-Kolaja and Jones were not pleased with themselves and their terrible ABs.
-This umpire thing has become a joke. They are never on time, they don’t show, it’s just ridiculous. People lose jobs for less than this. I would be ashamed if I was the manager of the organization (The umps, not the Owlz).
-A lot of trash has been posted here about the Owlz, but today we must tip our caps, they were by far the better team.
-A special thanks to Speedie’s Pizza of Imperial for their delivery of a feast midgame.
-The Ducks were brought back to reality, but will soon again soar.

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