Game Day [6] Ducks at OwlZ

2009 Ducks Baseball, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
The South Oakland Ducks of the North Side will travel to middle of nowhere, PA and take on the Owlz at their home field at the Findlay Twp. Sportsplex.


The Ducks will be without seven regulars.
Good luck to our green and gold PCB players as they take on some team in Utica for the National Club Baseball Championship of the World. (I think)

The University of Pittsburgh English Department prepared me well for the tough grind of the service industry, make this alumnus proud, boys.

So much about a baseball season is story-worthy. Not only in the way your journalism teacher taught you to “look for the story”, and have a lead that includes the most important elements of the game, and the 5H’s or whatever, but in a narrative sense.
The narrative arc, the conflict the climax and resolution. Good vs. Evil, internal and external struggles of individuals and teams, battles of wills and ideals;
Of photoshops and odd youtube videos.

With a five game winning streak in their wake our heroes travel to the edge of Ohio, under-manned, and hungover, to take on a team that doesn’t think they belong on the same field.

It would be a story if the Ducks won in Findlay on this mother’s day, one of the three busiest days in the restaurant business, but to do so without their starting catcher, center fielder, left fielder, two infielders, last years ERA leader and Gies, would be Philip-Rothian.

The deforestation in the Pacific Northwest is killing Owls.

Lumberjacks and the letter “s”
Bad Newz for the OwlZzzzzz


Part Two to follow.


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