Game Day [7] Ducks at OwlZz: When Jesse Smith falls into water he doesn’t get wet, the water gets Jesse Smith.

2009 Ducks Baseball, NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
{Slight edit – contains profanity -]

I’d like to chastise the commissioner for not realizing that I would have to work on mother’s day, and that the Pitt club team would probably have a playoff game this weekend – due to Ryan Novak’s Abe Lincoln-esque leadership, mostly – I’m sure.

Seriously could this be any more unfair?

The OwlZz have been busy plotting against America.

The Owl is the symbol of all that is wrong with everything in this country.

the only more offensive symbol?

(Civil or Revolutionary? WOOOOOOO!)

I guess I’m retarded for associating gray uniforms and “rebels”
with the American Civil War.

Yousimete Sam was a key player in the Battle of Trenton.

Clearly that team is a group of Confederate sympathizers, there is no other plausible explanation, none, what so ever.

I would have gone with the Star Wars Rebel logo, no confusion.

Or name your team the Patriots.

check out the 0-3 Rebels my site news,

Another team crying conspiracy, and hating on my attempt at serious, intellectual, literary self-expression on my beloved blog.

Not much in the game recap department or even cheesy, “Get to know a Rebel” segments, but they made it clear they don’t like this blog, so from now on no more bad mouthing a team for naming themselves the rebels.

Calling the Ducks blog’s writing, “on a second grade level” is an insult to second graders.

George Washington was a slave owner so I’m sure he’d name his team the rebels.
And really, many of the revolutionary heroes who freed this country form British rule (after and during the slaughtering of the Native Americans,) laid the frame work for the fucked up social structure we have now, where poor whites blame poor blacks for their lot in life instead of the system that keeps them all poor, without a voice and without class unity, while the owl-worshipers (so to speak) get richer, and richer.

So it’s almost worse to name your team after the revolutionary war “heroes” than the Confederacy – at least the Confederates were honest – if that is the case.
But I’m not re-photoshopping that pic with George Washington so “The Confederacy” it is.


Keep trying to put that chip on your team’s shoulder.

It’s always someone else’s fault.

(I’m Larry, I’m old, but i can take a fucking joke)

On a lighter note, The Commish responds to the conspiracy claims on the bulldogs blog. Joe has clearly been conspiring to have the Rebels and Gray Bats combine to go 0-8 to start the season.

There was no conspiracy for the Ducks (5-0) to score four more runs than the Rebels (0-3) two games ago.

Since losing to the Rebels last season the Ducks have gone 12-2-1 in regular season games (that’s got to be near the top in the league, if not the best)
While the Rebels have gone 2-14
(definitely near the bottom, probably the worst)

Even a second grader can interpret those numbers.

Go Ducks.

Knock that “z” off the end of their name today.


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