Rebels Week: Day 2.

NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball, who names their team the Rebels?
Wikipedia Definition of “Rebels

“One who resists authority”
No wonder they don’t get along with The Commish.

South Park Civil War Episode.

Fantastic Discussion thread a couple posts back.
Thanks for reading.

Larry think the owlz take it too seriously, The Owlz will probably throw their ace at the Gray (0-5) Bats and hurt Larry’s feelings, if his aging mind doesn’t forget about their game.
Black Sox and the Owlz hate each other.
some guy was drafted by the red sox.

I’ve heard viscious comments from members of each team directed at one another, nothing to repeat, but there is a real dislike there.

(logo of the Denver Black Sox NABA team.)

Rebels (1-3) beat the Eagles (2-3), the 7-0 score would indicate forfeit perhaps?
This is a big divisional game sunday, followed by the Ole’s on Sunday, and Team Consipracy at the Duck Pond Monday night.

All hands on deck.
We have great depth, but lack a minor league system to call up players when we’re missing two thirds of the roster.


18A Allegheny Division – Wood Bat

18A Monongahela Division – Wood Bat

The Black Sox have righted the ship, and stand at 4-2, after a rough 0-2 start.
B-Sox pitcher JT Slavicek is having an OK start to the season.

The Owlz defeated the Matadors, 7-0, probably another forfeit, and are 3-0 after trouncing the Ducks over the weekend.
I recommedn not having a mid-day double header on Mothers Day in the future.
I doubt it was intenional, but that is clearly why we lost – the scheduling, not the 8 errors.

The Gray Bats will be better than their 0-5 record thus far. The have reinforcements on the way.

What ever happened to Pittsburgh NABA legend Mike “Playmaker” Pleva?
The Gray bats could use a player of his caliber, someone put them in touch, it would be for the benefit of all involved.

Confederacy blah blah, rebels, civil war, Jefferson Davis, blah, etc….

This cartoon was banned.
I had nothing to do with the removal of the Rebels blog post, I was actually joking when i said the commisioner removed it as part of The Conspiracy.

Dicey situation brewing perhaps.

Jim Perry could at least pretend to give a shit about our league.
As an insider and a role player in The Conspiracy, I can say for a fact this is not the Commissioner’s fault. The increase in cost for another association is astronomical.
The fact is we don’t know the alternatives to many of the problems that arise during our season, therefore we can’t say they’d be better if some hypothetical solution were in place, there would just be other hypothetical problems.
I don’t agree with every decision made by Joe, (Stacking our division, games three days in a row then a ten-day layoff, woo-hoo) but when i approach him he gives me answers, and the logic behind his “controversial” decisions.


We need fields, if anyone knows of any fields our league can obtain, email

Baseball is fun.


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