Rebels Week: Day III

2009 Ducks Baseball, NABA, pittsburgh NABA, who names their team the Rebels?
Which do you most associate with the term, “rebels”?

A message from The Commish:

Its funny that LarryZ voted for the crew of Perry and company at the winter meetings. So did the ducks, and every other team present. There was another option on the table… but we went with perry by a 11-0 manager vote. The suggestion of one ump was never brought up, but it is a welcome topic for next year. As for this year, we have a contract with Perry… if you know of another association willing to send one ump to every game for $50, email

As for scheduling? Talk to your managers. they had the schedule a week before it was released to the public, and were welcome to make any changes themselves. Very few did. Agreed upon league No play dates? Memorial Day Weekend and fourth of July. Hence, the long layoff for most teams in may. As for teams starting later? The Owlz and Matadors could not have physically fielded a team, the majority (not 2-5 players), were still in college. I tried making them last year, and they each forfieted games.

There was a proposition to split them into a separate division… but it was tabled by the managers without even being brought to vote. Them starting later, and having more doubleheaders and 4 games in a three day span seemed liek the only fair comprimise. They could not have fielded teams.

Divisions/Realignment? I’ll take the heat on that. I forgot to put it to a vote after the draft. I will say that the Top teams in the Monogahela have appeared to improve thier teams significantly, while most other teams have made more modest improvements. However, the current configuration was established to maintain some existing rivalies (Warriors/Oilers/Bulldogs & Ducks/Black Sox/Rebels), and try to minimize travel for most teams. That is difficult since there are three guys responsible for getting all the permits (Cool=Findlay, Finkel=Gateway, Graff=everything else)!

The managers make the final decision on everything that happens before the season starts. During the season I make decisions based on what I think is best for the league. I’m not always going to make everyone happy, but I’m trying to do what’s fair and in the best interests of the league.

In short, I spend hours of time trying to make the league run smoothly, with very few offers of assistance. We would not have a league presently if I was not securing umpires, and getting the field permits that I have. I don’t think its perfect, but its the best I can do with the time and resources I have. Want change? Simply talk to your managers, show up at winter meeting where they decide these things… or better yet, offer to help! I’m all for improving the league any way we can!


A special “thank you” to Gala, Gwin, Strom, Martin, Shukla, Boley, Finkel, Cool, and all managers… all of whom have assisted the league in some form this year. Your time and effort is appreciated.

As always, Don Henley is on the money.
We’d probably be forced to vote the same way again on the umpires.
I just wish they would hold up their end of the contract.
The “Bluez” are going to be unreal this Labor Day.

Thank you all for reading and leaving comments.

It is greatly appreciated.


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