Rebels Week: 4th Day.

NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
Ducks, bring money this weekend for the remainder of our league dues and the hat money I fronted.

The latest from the Onion

I am a huge hockey fan, and why I like the idea of the “A” and “C” on jerseys regardless of sport.
It’s also why I like playing on a baseball team that can roll three lines.

How ’bout them Penguins!

The Anaheim Ducks force game seven against the Red Wings.

Hurricanes vs. Bruins tonight.
There’s nothing like playoff hockey.
three game sevens out of 4 conference semifinal match ups.

Three games in three days for the South Oakland Ducks of the North Side.
We are eagerly awaiting the long overdue season debut of Mantis.


A fond farewell to Ryan Novak.
Last year he solidified our infield which was in dire need of consistency and played a huge role in our playoff run.



The Rebels will strike at dawn on Saturday, we must stand tall. The Union must remain strong. Our nation can not stand divided.

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