Rebels Week: Day 5

(must be this didn’t post the first time)
Battle will be upon us at dawn. 

General Jones will lead the South Oakland forces versus the weaker and vastly outnumbered opposition, the Rebels, atop the hill of John Herb. 
Who will be on the hill for the Ducks? Will it be Captain (United States of) America? Or possibly General Jones himself? 
Or, perhaps, Jones will choose to use a secret attack: 

Either way, the Union must be preserved and the opposition defeated. 
This week will be very important to the Ducks as the season moves forward into the meat of the year. It is crucial that the Ducks perform well in their three game weekend in order to catapult them into the looming Memorial Day recess.  It will be tough this weekend with the Rebs, Matadors, and then finally facing off against the Bulldogs at the friendly confines on Monday night, but the Ducks have both the talent, depth, and managerial wherewithal to endure the challenge and depart victorious. 
So tonight, soldiers, eat, drink, and be merry (and rest), as hell breaks at dawn. 
Go Ducks!

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