Ducks split weekend series with Warriors

(this post will be somewhat concise for several reasons)

Following a Saturday when the division’s top two teams lost, the South Oakland Ducks (12-4) found themselves on the losing end  of a 6 to 3 final decision in the second game of a brief two-game weekend series with the Warriors. It is a rare weekend in the 2009 season when each of the Imperial Owlz, Ducks, and Brookline Blacksox each lose. The losses by the Owlz and Blacksox provided the Ducks with an opportunity to make ground on the division leaders, but the Ducks were unable to capitalize on Sunday afternoon. 

The main culprit for the loss was the Ducks’ inability to hit the baseball. Only one Duck recorded multiple hits (Gwin), and most struggled mightily in a game in which it would have taken at least 7 runs to win. After one, the score was tied at one, but the Ducks’ work was quickly cut out for them and found themselves in an early 6-1 hole. The Ducks had legitimate scoring opportunities in each of the fifth, sixth, and seventh innings, but were only able to plate two more runs. The Ducks that did reach base safely today were mostly stranded. Hats off to the Warriors. 
In the first game of the series, the Ducks won 6-0 behind the golden arm of Adam Smith (5-1, 1.60). The Warriors were behind the 8-ball with only eight players, an automatic out in the nine hole, and a female outfielder with a desire to be mentioned on “the blog” (whose play was very commendable). The Ducks had several outstanding offensive performances, those of which can be found in particular on previous blog posts. Several Ducks remained to watch the Warrendale Hurricanes beat the Owlz. 
The Ducks have no time to rest, as an important matchup with the league best Owlz is imminent. First pitch is 9pm at the Duck Pond, Monday night. The timing of the Owlz matchup works well, as it should help expedite the memory of today’s loss from the players’ minds. 
-The Ducks are 12-4, surely the best start in Ducks history. 
-This weekend was circled on the calendar weeks ago, as the Warriors and Owlz were both to be considered formidable opponents. Three games in three days against these three opponents is rough. 
-All Ducks on hand versus the Owlz. Please see skipper Jones’ note below directly addressing the topic. 
-In the Ducks’ win on Saturday: pitching was finding the zone and batters were hitting.
-In the Ducks’ loss on Sunday: pitching was inconsistent at times, and hitting was just as sporadic. 
-Very good effort by the Warriors. Several factors contributed to the Ducks’ loss on this day including, but not limited to, the Warriors’ play, the Ducks’ play, and the Ducks’ (possibly) looking forward to the matchup with the Owlz. 
-It is rumored that the Ducks will face Zak Sinclair on Monday night, who, reportedly, “has a 93mph fastball and good command of his off-speed pitches.” Sweet. Bring it on. 
(sorry for the low content and the lack of pictures/videos. maybe the comments or something will be more interesting.)

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