note from the skip {EDIT} – footage of Dr. Jones’ postgame tirade


How did we ever win 12?

I take responsibility for this afternoon’s loss. I lost my confidence and it effected my pitching and my managing. Tomorrow I will be back on track ready to manage our biggest game of the year to date. We will be playing to win tomorrow, so that means I will be starting what I feel are our best 9 guys. If you are not in the line-up tomorrow or maybe not even get into the game, it isn’t because I don’t like you or I think you suck. I’m just doing what I think gives us the best chance to win. If you can’t handle the fact you might not get into the game tomorrow then don’t even bother coming. The team needs every one’s 100% support, and as always the team comes before the player even if you don’t fully agree with my every managerial decision.

I need everyone at the field by 8:20. We are going to go over signs and strategy for the game.

Green and Yellow for Life


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