Gameday [22] Ducks vs. Black Sox III.

2009 Ducks Baseball, NABA, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball
Ducks (14-7) vs. Black Sox (14-6)
Moore Park

BP, 6pm at Pitt.

The playoff loss last year was crushing a 9 run loss to the Black Sox.

The way things are shaping up, we will play this team again in the playoffs [barring an upset by the Gray Bats (3-19)]
Tonight’s game will all-but dictate which team gets a game off and which team has to throw one of their top two pitchers the day before the potential 2nd round match-up.

The PGH NABA old-timers remember a team from the early days in Ambridge that drank off hangovers in the first inning, smoked in the dugout, cursed, fought, agitated, and won.
That team was the Ducks in when you could still win in this league with a bunch of alcoholic ex-Legion players.

The Ducks filled the “Man I Hate Playing this F-ing Team full of shit talking assholes” niche before the Black Sox existed.
Kenny Powers basically modeled his franchise after the Ducks.

Baseball is ripe with history, even a league like ours something about the game lends itself to narrative and historical significance like a Philip Roth novel.
Pittsburgh NABA Pastoral.

One idea that was tossed around in a Phoenix hotel room scene reminiscent of a Led Zeppelin escapade, was to merge the teams in ’06.

I guess we would have been the Black Dux.

Obviously that didn’t happen, our catcher at the time said,
“We’d win, but f__k that, man…I’m a Duck,”

Ben Hartraft was a beast, he, like many other Ducks greats, blew out his arm.

When a bunch of guys you never heard of, but were pretty sick ball players, left for parts unknown, and the Red Scare Years enveloped South Oakland.

Even in the worst of times the Black Sox game was the one you got up for.
We’ve really been chasing the Black Sox since 2004, the first time they eliminated us from the playoffs.

We have the chance to beat one of the best pitchers our league has ever seen.
A kid who has a 19K game to his credit, and has thrown a no-hitter this season.

One run separates The Ducks and Black Sox in two games this season, 1/2 game in the standings.

Now we have a chance to take two of three from this team for the first time in a long time – possibly ever, and move ahead of Kenny Powers in the standings.

Tonight the ghosts of Black Sox games past hover with the smell of spilled beer and cigarette smoke above the concrete grand stand at Moore Park.

Alex Warren beat his former team last weekend.

Tonight we go back…
…to the future

Bad News for the Black Sox.


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