This League Deserves a Better Class of Criminal…

What am I going to do on the blog with no Gray Bats, Rebels, or Owlz this summer…all the villains are gone except the Black Sox…
The Joker sporting green and purple

The only solution is for the Ducks to turn heel like Hulk Hogan did when he joined the NWO back in the day.



4 thoughts on “This League Deserves a Better Class of Criminal…

  1. The rebels and some have the Gray Bats are basically merging into the Monroeville Milita, and from what I here Rob Finkel is not allowed on the team. Also, I here Matt Dalton is making a comeback. Black Sox = Team to Beat in 2010!


  2. I agree that the black sox are the favorite in the Wales Conference heading into the 2010 season, especially with the owlz status up in the air…I don't know if the Fightin's have upgraded or what, but you have to give the defending champs their due as well.


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