Someone fill in the blanks of the proposed realignment.


The AA that would most benefit the Pgh NABA.

The big pending change in the league is the proposed move to 3 divisions
Is it necessary?
I’m of the mind that if it ultimately just leads to a slightly unbalanced schedule it will work, but I think a greater competitive balance (as opposed to last year when there was a drastic gap between the very best and very worst teams) could still be struck by simply creating a rookie division, and splitting into A and rookie. or A and AA

The Hurricanes won the championship last year, the heavily favored Owlz didn’t make it out of the conference semi’s. No knock on the Fightin’s (or last year’s defending champ, Z-Men) the Canes earned it, but their victory came after a season in which they finished dead last, underscoring the ability of any team to make a run.
Except the Gray Bats who dissolved having never defeated the Ducks in four attempts.

Ultimately I will support whatever decision we vote on, and whatever the Commish decides, but i think we should consider what we hope to accomplish as a league by dividing into rookie, A, and AA, and see if there is a simpler way to attain it, so we don’t have a 4 team division, in which those teams play the same 3 teams 6 times a season.
I wasn’t at the league meeting.

I’d like to see a traditional playoff format with series, followed by an intra league tourney, which i think is in the works.

I’m a baseball traditionalist, and I also want what is best for the league – to attract and retain players of all skill levels and abilities, which I believe is what we hope to do by splitting into 3 divisions. Again I don’t know the ins and outs, and I know the Commish operates soley with the growth and stability of the Pgh NABA in mind.

I’m asking for ontemplation on this issue before we vote on a format everyone bitches about all summer. Both formats can work, but it is important that the managers consider the implications of the split and to vote with the league’s best interest in mind.
Either way we get to play ball and that’s the important thing.

Joe Graff is my hero.


5 thoughts on “Someone fill in the blanks of the proposed realignment.

  1. I am with you gwinn. Playing the same 3 teams over and over again would suck. I also would like to see a more traditional playoff format! The thing I liked about the league last year was the variety in teams. Last year my team would always say, "who are we playing?" I would then say, "The Oilers." In turn they would say, "Sweet, we have not played them yet!" It is good to have variety in teams you play against. Me personally would hate seeing the same team and the same pitching over and over again. I like variety in my life, and that is probably why I do not have a girlfriend!


  2. i agree. other than the graybats there wasn't really any team that was flat out bad. We went into every game, even games against the bats, knowing that if we didn't bring our best stuff we would lose.


  3. I need a place to play in 2010 now that the Gray Bats have officially folded.If any team needs some innings on the mound, I can start or pitch some innings in doubleheaders.I had an 9.22 ERA for the Gray Bats, which means if I played for any other team in the Pittsburgh NABA in 2009 besides the Gray Bats, my ERA would have been 3.00


  4. All teams still play all the other teams – that is not changing. There never was a plan to have teams play 3 teams 8 games each – that would be ridiculous.If we have the enough teams to support the format – *AA teams would play AA teams 3 times, and A teams twice. *A teams would play AA teams twice, teams in the opposing division (Allegheny vs. Monongahela) twice, Rookie league teams once, and teams in their own division (Allegh or Mon) three times each.*Rookie League teams would play A teams once, and teams in their own league 3-4 times.All this information is available online at for inquiring minds.


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