Someone fill in the blanks of the proposed realignment.


The AA that would most benefit the Pgh NABA.

The big pending change in the league is the proposed move to 3 divisions
Is it necessary?
I’m of the mind that if it ultimately just leads to a slightly unbalanced schedule it will work, but I think a greater competitive balance (as opposed to last year when there was a drastic gap between the very best and very worst teams) could still be struck by simply creating a rookie division, and splitting into A and rookie. or A and AA

The Hurricanes won the championship last year, the heavily favored Owlz didn’t make it out of the conference semi’s. No knock on the Fightin’s (or last year’s defending champ, Z-Men) the Canes earned it, but their victory came after a season in which they finished dead last, underscoring the ability of any team to make a run.
Except the Gray Bats who dissolved having never defeated the Ducks in four attempts.

Ultimately I will support whatever decision we vote on, and whatever the Commish decides, but i think we should consider what we hope to accomplish as a league by dividing into rookie, A, and AA, and see if there is a simpler way to attain it, so we don’t have a 4 team division, in which those teams play the same 3 teams 6 times a season.
I wasn’t at the league meeting.

I’d like to see a traditional playoff format with series, followed by an intra league tourney, which i think is in the works.

I’m a baseball traditionalist, and I also want what is best for the league – to attract and retain players of all skill levels and abilities, which I believe is what we hope to do by splitting into 3 divisions. Again I don’t know the ins and outs, and I know the Commish operates soley with the growth and stability of the Pgh NABA in mind.

I’m asking for ontemplation on this issue before we vote on a format everyone bitches about all summer. Both formats can work, but it is important that the managers consider the implications of the split and to vote with the league’s best interest in mind.
Either way we get to play ball and that’s the important thing.

Joe Graff is my hero.



1/17/2010 Manager’s Meeting Notes


Today we held the first manager’s meeting at the Fox and Hound on McKnight Road. We had a good meeting and here are the bullet points.

  • The Leagues is losing 1, possibly 2, teams. The Gray Bats are definitely gone. Ben Sorosky and some of his teammates have joined the Rebels, I think. The Owlzzz are looking to join a different league. However, if they fail they will be back in the NABA for the 2010 season.
  • There will be 3, possibly 4, new teams. That’s all I know about that.
  • All teams are required to obtain their own field permits. Joe and I can assist you if it is needed. I should be getting a league email and a mailing list soon. I will contact all the managers to give you my contact information and to reiterate the rain out procedure for the 2010 season.
  • Teams should obtain field permits for a minimum 2 days/week. If you can get 3 that would be great. Permits should span till mid-August so that, if need be, they can be used for leagues playoffs.
  • Pending that we have enough teams, the league will be composed of 3 divisions. The Rookie league, A, and AA. Single A will be composed of the old Monongahela and Allegheny sub-divisions. The AA division will be composed of the 4 top teams in 2009, Black Sox, Ducks, Hurricanes, and Owlz. Double A teams will not play Rookie teams outside of the playoffs. The new playoff bracket can be found here.
  • College players can only be drafted by AA teams. Draft time is the only time this stipulation is in affect. A non-drafted college player can play for any team.
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates have contacted the league about the possibility of joining the league.
  • Anyway, seriously, the Pirates contacted the league about fundraising possibilities and about the possibility of hosting the Championship Series at PNC Park. Do not get excited about that. The fundraising requirements for that are pretty steep, and according to the Bombers rep, who has experience with PNC, the organization puts so many stipulations on what you can and can’t do on the field, it isn’t really worth it.
  • There was discussion about the All Star Game. No official vote but here’s the idea. Each team gets the same amount of players for the All Star Game. Each coach selects their own representation with no league involvement. End of story. Starting lineup will still be decided by online ballot. Joe is looking for someone to organize the All Star Game and Home Run Derby for this year.

That’s about it. If I left something out that you think is important or have any questions, leave a comment or check out the Commish’s Corner.


i suck


just got a text with the date for the winter meetings and i lost it, so someone leave a comment and let us all know when that is. I bet Kenny Powers knows.
EDIT READ THE COMMENTS, the good doctor has helped us.


When are the Winter Meetings?


I have no idea.
The bulldogs might know.

  • Depo is most likely going to represent the Ducks at the meeting.
  • Who wants to set up the 2nd annual golf outing?
  • The Ducks are still looking for motivated individuals to take on some administrative duties. Such as pestering businesses for sponsorship money, arranging fund raisers, taking on some of the blogging duties, and serving as treasurer.
  • Doesn’t doing all that sound fun?
  • The agenda of the winter meetings will include discussing realignment and other exciting issues, I’m sure.
  • The pro’s and cons of splitting into A, AA and rookie divisions have been beaten to death.
  • I’m contemplating moving the blog to wordpress.
  • There are conflicting reports about the start of East Bound and Down Season 2.
  • Free rubber duck to anyone who can confirm a start date.

Any left handed pitchers, or natural center fielders who want to join the 2010 Ducks are more than welcome.

I have no idea what our team will look like next season.