Jesse Smith and Kirk Gibson named 2010 Ducks Captains


Edit City…You can’t be afraid of a major re-write

Jesse Smith and Andrew McCray will captain this year’s team. They will be in charge when I’m working or whatever. I’m looking for them to be more vocal this season.

After today’s team meeting the South Oaklamd Ducks officially welcome three members of last year’s Wales Conference regular season champions: Rob Cool (OF), Anthony Defilippo (inf.), and Brendan Scioscia (C). This basically rounds out our roster pending late withdraws and Jesse Smith’s buddies from fall ball getting their money in by the end of the month.

The Black Sox rivalry has risen to a new level with this move.

Depo will have a recap of the league meeting tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Jesse Smith and Kirk Gibson named 2010 Ducks Captains

  1. I'm jealous. Everyone's getting a contract offer from Gwin and the Ducks except me.Don't hold my team's 3-21 record in '09 and my stellar .120 batting average against me Ben. I had an off year.


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