Abe Lincoln is ready for action


DUCKS! Click on this link and print out the document. Fill it out and send it with your checks to:

Ducks Baseball C/O Ben Gwin
421 Florence Ave. #2
Avalon, PA

If you have already sent your deposit then don’t worry about it, we will have you fill it out at the first practice.

I think you can fill it out and email it as an attachment, I don’t know. I’m still a bit behind as i jumped in late on the managing boat this season…

New Team name Idea – The Dormont Danger Mice

The Ducks will lose 13 players from last year’s team that went 16-8, and finished with the 3rd best regular season record in the league. We’ve added six new players, all of whom figure to make significant contributions.

I have no idea what is going on with the rest of the league except that the Black Sox have gotten better on paper at least, and are the favorites to take the title this year, despite the Fightin’s having beaten them last season in the finals.

I think the Militia will enter the conversation at the top of the Wales Conference. I’m goins to miss having the Gray Bats to kick around this season, and the Rebels, who were the greatest thing to happen to this blog. they’ve merged so they should lead to some solid, intellectual baseball talk about their squad.

Adam Smith went to a division opponent, the Eagles, which is weird. He is the Ducks all-time leader in wins and loses. Homa has a chance to go ahead in the wins column this season, actually Guthrie might as well, I didn’t really keep stats back then because we sucked for two and a half seasons.

There has never been a repeat champion in the Pittsburgh NABA.

I have the idea that to win at baseball you don’t just need the best 24 guys, you need players to fill specific roles and to do well in those roles. But fuck, the last time i coached a team we went 8-16 and i wanted to slit my wrists. Then McCray and TC joined the team and we were on our way back into relevance.

this post is terrible. Division previews on the way, they will be completely fabricated since i have no idea who is playing where.

At least I can count on Kenny Powers to give me a solid paragraph or two on the SOx.

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4 thoughts on “Abe Lincoln is ready for action

  1. Clarification: only the elite former Gray Bats players merged with Rebels players to former the Militia. The rest of us were just bums. I retain ownership of the Gray Bats name, though. I placed the rights to it on ebay with an opening bid of .01 but got no interest.


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