Season Set to Start Sometime Around the 17th of April: League Meeting and draft stuff.


Rafalski vs. Ducks

The Hurricanes are out for blood against the Black Sox this season.

Rumor has it Kenny Powers neared fisticuffs with the Rafalski’s leader at a local watering hole over the weekend.

Who would have thought the Cane’s and Sox would engage in such behavior?
The ‘Canes manager must not know about Kenny’s training regime.

Things are going to get heated this season.
I can’t wait for more Eastbound and Down so i have some new youtube clips to use.

anyway, sincere congrats to the Canes for winning the title last season.
I look for the Buldogs to take the Campbell Conference this season, basically due to their collective sense of humor.
They are in mid-season form

The Bulldogs blog has been much more active than i have (
i’ll get back in the swing come the end of the semester ) and consider the Ducks and Black Sox the favorites going into the season.

The Militia will be tough.
The team with the best regular seaosn record last year has dispersed primarily into the Sox and Ducks, with a few guys scattered about the rest of the league.

Which leads me to the realignment issue.

Were going to A and AA this season.
this is a good move.

In Graff we trust

We will be able to attract and retain more players this way.

The AA Division will be broken into Wales and Campbell Conferences again.

Campbell Conference: Fightin’s, Bulldogs, Warriors, ? Bombers/Matadors/Pythons (?) I forget who the 4th team is, the Oilers have moved down to A where they will play with three teams about whom i know nothing.

The Wales Conference is a three horse race already with the Sox, Ducks, and Millitia looking to try to avoid losing 8am games to the Eagles, who are rebuilding, but should return a solid core of players and fans who will throw batteries at Santa if they have to.
Will the Eagles throw Adam Smith against us?
There’s a nice subplot there.

Ducks Team Preview will be up in April.

Added to the Ducks lineup is former Pirate, Chris Duffy,
Friend of Tony Casale

Congrats to former Skip, all time winningest Ducks coach, TC Jones for getting a short story accepted for publication.
The Ducks lead the league in published writers.
I’m not linking any work here.

There will be a best of three series between the Wales and Campbell Conference winners to determine the AA Championship and the top seed in the League Tournament.
We have to win our division to have a shot at the AA title, this adds to the regular season what everyone making the playoffs takes away, in some regard.

This will be fine. The Ducks will be right there at the end.
The division title is huge as is the AA title, but the ultimate goal is the league championship tournament.

I have always been more of a baseball purist, so i am sad to see the traditional playoff format go.
Still now we can win the AA title and the League title if things fall into place.

Artist’s interpretation of Ducks beating other teams in Pittsburgh NABA

I can’t wait to feel the hate in Moore Park this summer, it lets me know I’m alive.


8 thoughts on “Season Set to Start Sometime Around the 17th of April: League Meeting and draft stuff.

  1. Anonymous,1. You are a PUSSY!2. Were you there when the incident occured.3. The Hurricanes leader has nothing for me.4. I am in no postion to get in trouble with the law again, just for manhandling a punk who can't take a little bit a trash talk.


  2. 5. If I were to get in trouble with the law, I would not be able to be part of the ass kicking we give them this year.6. The incident occurred at a devoted Black Sox Sponsor, and in no way am I going to risk free beer after games.7. I am Kenny Powers and I can do want I want.8. You know all know who Kenny Powers really is!


  3. i was not there. i did hear all about it."manhandling a punk" thats priceless!!!!!if u knew who or what u were up against, i promise u would not say these types of things.i want to wish u the best of luck.


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