Barnstorming Bandits ’10

Good news Ducks! Even though we’re not officially a 2010 NABA team (according to the league website) we already have teams jockeying to play us.
The Fightin’ Eddies of the Butler-Eagle County Baseball League have informed me that they would like to celebrate our nation’s past time by playing a game our two against the South Oakland Ducks. I received a request from occasional Duck, PCB alum and coach of the Fightin’ Eddies, Christian Necheff. A requested time for a game would be any of the upcoming Saturdays or Sundays. Location TBD.

As a baseball enthusiast myself, I’ve had the opportunity to play with the Eddies, so I figured I’d give you a little information about the team from Natrona Heights.

First of all, most of them are convicts:

But since this is can be a common theme in the NABA (read Black Sox), the Ducks should have no issues with this. And although their name might suggest otherwise, the Eddies do more than just Fightin’. This spokeswoman from Natrona Heights can verify that the Eddies enjoy an oat soda every now and then.


The Eddies are a good team that can play some baseball and have fun at the same time, much like the Ducks. So anybody who’s in for playing some non-league games in the next couple weeks as a warm-up, let me know and we’ll get a game or two set up.

Speaking of non-league games, now is the time to start planning the Barnstorming Tour of ’10. Last year was a good start; the weekend in Erie was a great success. The tournament in Butler County was a rather different story. However, that should only encourage the Ducks to increase their barnstorming for 2010.

If for nothing else, there’s always a good possibility of this happening

What red-blooded American doesn’t want to watch that thing burn down?

Ducks Barnstorming Tour ’10 is set to begin.


7 thoughts on “Barnstorming Bandits ’10

  1. First of all….there are no trailer parks in brookline….if you were actually from this CITY you would know that…..2….we dont use drugs…we smoke cigs, chew, and definitely drink the shine…..and yet….you still ain;t got the balls to put your real name out there cuz you know we'll roll on your squad like we have before….and if you don;t know that you DEFINITELY know that you donlt wanna see ME or my squad in ANY parking lot……BITCH


  2. i couldn't imagine the sox on meth that would be a disaster waiting to happen. I hope that's not a duck starting that fight, certainly not my sentiments. I have the over under at 4 innings till the first sox hurricanes game devolves into a bench clearing brawl.


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