Game Day [3] Ducks at Black Sox

Ducks (0-2) at Black Sox (1-1)
9pm Moore Park
BP 6pm at Pitt
Leave for the field at 7:30

The Sox ended our season last year

Playoff Game 2 Recap. Black Sox 6, Ducks 5 final 10innings

Matt Slavonic hit a game winning RBI single in the bottom of the tenth, scoring Jason Goldie from second, and ending the Ducks’ season.

South Oakland led 3-2 going into the bottom of the 5th, the Sox scored two to take a 4-3 lead.
the Sox would add another run in the bottom of the sixth.

South Oakland tied the game at 5-5 with 2 runs in the top of the seventh.
Dutch drove in the tying run with an RBI fielder’s choice.
We needed to take the lead there and we didn’t.
Wojton drilled a ball to the gap, and the Sox left fielder was shaded that way, and was able to make the catch.

The Ducks didn’t really threaten in extra frames.

We almost turned a triple play.

There’s no shame in losing a 10 inning game.
Much better than last year’s playoff loss.
It is a whole different kind of pain.

Good season, everyone.

This game will go down in the annals of the Ducks Sox rivalry as by far the best baseball game of the storied series.

I can’t believe its over.

Good luck to the Sox and whomever they face in the Conference Finals.

Kenny played so well he was offered a contract with Tampa.

That’s how our season ended last year.
We lost 1-0 and 9-7 to the Sox during the regular season, we beat Kenny Powers 5-3 or something early in the season.

one run separated us is three regular season games. One run separated us in a game and a half in the playoffs.
Both teams improved over the off-season.
Both teams altered their uni’s but once again, the Black Sox chose against this logo:

nor did they go the obvious route and work with the sweet 1980’s White Sox logos

or this one

I think this was the inspiration for their re-invented look:

Kenny can’t keep getting away with changing his uni’s and not going with the best white sox logo ever, or the mustachioed guy from the Denver Black Sox amateur team.

Bad News for the Black Sox.


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