Ducks Lose.

South Oakland is 0-3.
The most entertaining part of the season has been the back and forth between the HURRICANES! and the Black Sox on the blog.

South Oakland tries to right the ship Monday night against the Maulers.

The game Monday is as big as a non-conference game against an A Division team gets.

I missed the first 3 innings of the game due to work.
Bizarro Alex Warren pitched a solid game, working out of trouble, and pounding the zone, like another Warren I’ve seen pitch for Brookline.

We played to a 1-1 tie in the last three, but the damage had been done by that point.

Sloan hit a triple for Brookline — he’s the only kid who doesn’t have a GPS ankle bracelet on that team and he can fly.

For South Oakland, Cinefra looked good in relief.

Wojton hit one to the wall in left center and was thrown out at third.
That ball is out of any other park.

We left a lot of guys on base, couldn’t string anything together, and made some errors.

Moore, F-ing Park; the soccer goal in canter, the bald spots in the outfield, the hole in the batter’s box.
And that guy screaming “Kenny Powers!” all game.
It’s the Pittsburgh NABA at it’s finest.

See you guys on the 17th or whenever.

Sox-Ducks recap by You Know will be up shortly.



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