Game Day [4] Ducks vs. Maulers

Ducks (0-3) vs. Maulers (1-4)
Spring View Field

BP 6pm at Pitt IM Field.
leave for the North Side at 7:30


South Oakland of the North Side’s 0-3 start includes a loss to the expansion Maulers the second game of the season, in which the Ducks blew a 2-0 lead and gave credence to those calling for a simplified two division format.

The extra ‘e’ has been for ‘Error.’

South Oakland has yet to regain the form which earned the team 17 wins last season.

We need a revival.

Bad News for the Maulers


14 thoughts on “Game Day [4] Ducks vs. Maulers

  1. It will be disabled when we go to wordpress. Kenny's one of the best players in the league. He plays the game the right way. He's a friend of mine, and doesn't need me defending him. He uses his real name when he attacks people.he's put in a lot of work to keep his team running for 7 seasons, and he helped found the league, and get it to the point where he could be anonymously libeled on a blog.i do like how you went with "for fun" instead of for money or drugs or something, but i doubt that's something Kenny does. Ducks 1-3, with reinforcements on the way. Maulers recap on wordpress, and an update on the Ducks farm system. quack.


  2. i predict some fightin' in one of the Sox HURRICANES! games- either in the crowd or on the field. FLo, i had you played perfectly in right on sat…has Kenny turned you into a DH?can't wait for another shot at the


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