Game Day [5&6] and Big Oil

Ohio River Blvd Field
12:30 & 3pm

Ducks at Warriors
Ducks vs. Warriors

Before we get to the upcoming Ducks Warriors contest, some thoughts on the current state of NABA affairs.
Joe, put Playmaker on the Oilers.

The Oilers have a witty, if not pretentious mysite news section which I find entertaining.
Big Oil has defeated the Bulldogs, no-hit the Warriors, and recently topped THE HURRICANES!!! 8-1.
Rumor has it there was a fight or something during or after the game.
I get my info from the Bulldogs blog.
Always solid.

these two are sandbagging

Interesting a team capable of such feats would beg to be in the 18A division.
Begged for it.
Big Oil manager Reggie was pleasent in our conversation to reschedule, and it is possible that they just added some guys after that decision was made, but my tinfoil hat tells me its a conspiracy.

A plot to gain a bye and better position themselves for an attempt to dominate an unsuspecting AA team in the end of year tourney. Plus they probably want the lame, smaller trophy awarded to the A champion.
It’s fishy.
Speaking of fishy, the Warriors are one of the Ducks oldest rivals they’re like the Black Sox, except they don’t have any outstanding warrants and are allowed to leave the state without visiting a parole officer.

The Warriors always seem to be around the top of the other conference. And it’s a shame we don’t play them more often.
And by shame I mean, it’s too bad Heckman is such a dick.
They are also the first team to get into a fight with THE HURRICANES!!!
Which lead to the first half of the Fightin’ Rafalskis moniker.

segue to…

Pittsburghgh NABA History

The Warriors were once called the Piranhas. The battles waged between the teal wearing fish and the Ducks out in Ambridge were epic. (They wore Miami Dolphin teal – it was terrible)
On the way to Ambridge we would pass the Ohio River Blvd. Field and wish we could play there instead of the rock hard, gravel covered, Pony League sized band-box ten miles down the road in smack-infested nowhereville.

Now the Ohio River Blvd. Field is a pain in the ass – it’s never mowed and the dugouts are too small, there is nowhere to warm up; there’s an on-deck phone booth you have to try and swing in.
At least we’re not playing in Ambridge.
I don’t know anything about the Warriors current squad except they probably will find two more top-tier pitchers by the time the playoffs roll around and hopefully knock out the joke Big Oil.

Kelly Leak is 1-0

Bad News for the Warriors.


7 thoughts on “Game Day [5&6] and Big Oil

  1. Sir Duckington,Please remove your tinfoil hat. No conspiracy here. At draft time the Hebrew Oilers had a team full of new people who were untested. So, I asked, not begged, to be put in A because I had no clue how we would do. Dan Ruef and several other guys came on after the draft. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good (see awful Oiler performance against Eagles). Also confirming no fights vs. the Canes. Just bad umping.Lead Oilman


  2. the oilers do have an interesting my site news column….however they might wanna catch up on their local hometown geography and realize that the three rivers that make up the confluence are the allegheny, monongahela, and ohio…..not yough….go and be as witty as you want with your press releases….but when you cant even get the THREE RIVERS that make up this city what it is…you only go and make yourself sound like a major DOUCHEBAG…..good job


  3. i think "yough" represents to a colloquialism for ohio…Ohh-HI-YOUGH? like in yinzer speak. I could be wrong, i am after all from New Jersey(have fun with that).NJ has both trailer parks and gang violence.


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