Tin Foil Retraction

From the comments of yesterdays post…

No fights.

We did get beat up on the field tho.

That lefty they have is legit.

TJ Morgan

May 8, 2010 7:40 AM


Anonymous Anonymous said…

Sir Duckington,

Please remove your tinfoil hat. No conspiracy here. At draft time the Hebrew Oilers had a team full of new people who were untested. So, I asked, not begged, to be put in A because I had no clue how we would do.
Dan Ruef and several other guys came on after the draft. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good (see awful Oiler performance against Eagles).
Also confirming no fights vs. the Canes. Just bad umping.

Lead Oilman


My bad, guys.
No harm no fowl.

As of now the Warriors Ducks games will proceed as scheduled.


– Sir. Duckington.


3 thoughts on “Tin Foil Retraction

  1. yes, you can say dicks. Our team looked like dicks vs. HURRICANES! in week one, except Guthrie.So the sandbagging by Big Oil occurred after the fact, and unintentionally. They look to be the favorite coming out of A. The Kenny Powers-less Sox lost to the HURRICANES! last night, and i don't think they had Rafalski, but i can't confirm this. As if i make a point to confirm sources…I am a dick. thanks for reading.


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