Ducks Sweep Double Header: 7-4. 7-6


South Oakland of the North Side improved to 3-3 on the season by sweeping the Emsworth Warriors in Saturday’s double header.

It is the first time in team history the Ducks have swept the season series with the Warriors.

Full recap at the above link.

The Ducks next game is Monday Night, 9pm at the Duck Pond in Spring Hill.



24 thoughts on “Ducks Sweep Double Header: 7-4. 7-6

  1. once again, another tight game between the hurricanes and black sox. last nite was how a baseball game should be. competitive, hard nosed,so on and so forth….to be perfectly clear…. there is no beef between hurricanes and black sox.the beef is between bob holloway and kenny rayl.i love the way the black sox that were at the game last nite play the game.end of discussion…..bob holloway,#2 hurricanes


  2. Halloway,First off, let me start off by saying, you are the one that created this "beef". I did say that I think your team is inferior to ours, and I still think that way. No matter what team I am on or coaching, I will always think I have the better team. If you personally do not approach the game like this then I see no reason in competing in any sport. If you can't take the the way I approach the game then so be it. It is not my problem that you cant take a little trash talk and end up acting like a DB and want to go outside and fight over NABA baseball. GROW THE FUCK UP already! Although, if you were to raise a fist at me there would be some serious consequences for you. Like I said before, and I will say it again, I will see you on the field!


  3. Gwin creates like 75% of the animosity in the NABA, the fighting rumors, etc.. It's pretty funny. Everyone so f-ing serious…in NABA recreational league. All in good fun though. So the Ducks are acqiring high priced free agents? So much for the letting the kids who rode the bench last year get playing time in 2010… I'm just saying.


  4. actually.. the commish started the fighting rumor on our blog:"The fightin ruef-skis beat the other fightin’s last night. Rumor has it there was some fightin goin on"but yes, i love all of the naba blog drama.. keep up the good work ben.


  5. I just point out things and let people take things as seriously as they want…The animosity is already there i just give it a forum. people don't have to read if they don't like the animosity.Take my blog as seriously as you wantand if anonymous is a duck you can address this with me and not on the blog. That, and you're benched. If you're not a duck, i respect your attempt to cause a rift. Guys asked me to play on the Ducks and we had open spots. Should i tell them there too good to play on my/our team? Sorry, you play college ball go play for Kenny Powers or Holloway or Tremmel? That's a fucking joke. DrRadical4Life!


  6. Hard to believe that the Monroeville Elites haven't won a single game yet this year…Ben realizes every time he posts a rumor about a fight or anticipated brawl his blog readership numbers spike dramtically. 2010 looks to be a banner year.


  7. additionally, I've told every kid whose asked to join the Ducks that i plan on platooning everyone pending situations etc. and my goal is to get everyone playing time. Guthrie has elevated his game. It's impossible to not keep playing him at this point regardless of who we add. Guys should take his lead and step up and make it tough for me to sit them. I'll sit myself and my dying-quail-to-right-center swing before i take out some other kids who have played well. Ask Homa and Guth and TC if they'd rather pitch to Defilippo or have him playing behind them.


  8. Ben – no, still waiting for the right opportnity think I'm too busy to play this year (translation: I suck) but having fun reading this studd. It's more enjoyable knowing I can't be thrown at either.Go Ducks.


  9. unless our schedule is wrong…if you want to make the same comment with a new date and time i'll erase the old one for you and respond like it never happened. I'm actually going to a phish show with Rob Swanger on the 13th. he's a player who worked hard and never bitched.


  10. from Kenny Powers"Like I said before, and I will say it again, I will see you on the field!"u werent even i smell smells like tuna.nope.its pussy


  11. Anonymous,That is you mom's pussy you are smelling! Some people have other priorities other than NABA Baseball, like work, which is something you probably do not understand. If you read any previous posts, I already informed the PGH NABA World that I would not be there for the first game. I will be there for the game on 6/13!


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