Gameday 20: Ducks vs Eagles

Gameday, pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland Ducks of the North Side (14-5, 4-1)


South Side Eagles (4-12, 0-6)


Springview Field

Just when it looked like the league was finally beyond the point where teams wouldn’t be able to put nine on the field, we find ourselves facing an opponent who has forfeited two division games, and generally doesn’t seem to give a shit.

If NABA legend Playmaker were still around, the Eagles would not struggle to put nine on the field.

The Eagles should be disbanded, or forced to carry more than six guys. Merge them with the Knights, or the Titans.

I do give their coahc credit for not wanting to play in the A division, unlike Big Oil, who will switch divisions with South Side next season if I understand how this new system works.

The Ducks, winners of ten straight, have outscored the Eagles 24-5 in two games this season.

The Bulldogs lost 4-3 to the Canes, setting up a rubber match for the title sometime in the near future.

We play the Knights on the 17th.

We will probably play the Black Sox Thursday, July 22nd and the double header against the Militia on the 24th.

Big weekend  potentially.

Another round of power rankings

  1. Hurricanes
  2. Bulldogs
  3. Black Sox
  4. Militia
  5. Matadors
  6. Maulers
  7. Oilers
  8. Warriors
  9. Knights
  10. Eagles
  11. Titans

Bad News for the Eagles.


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