Ducks Win.

Ducks win, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

The South Oakland Ducks (15-5, 5-1) beat the South Side Eagles (4-13, 0-7) by forfeit, as South Side only had seven players. The two teams scrimmaged. Hilights include Nick Berdine’s day at the plate (2-2, 2R HR, 2B), James Tessyier’s single off Rob Cool, Alex Harsh’s single off Rob Cool and Nick Homa’s debut at shortstop. Anthony DeFilippo played a Clementean right field. TC Jones pitched a scoreless inning.  Rick Whalen almost hurt himself again when Fago pegged him in the knee trying to turn a double play. Guthrie caught for battery-mate Brendan Scioscia in the fifth.  Tessyier and Harsh held down the two corner OF spots for the Eagles.  Ken Cool continues to dominate the third base coaching box.

The first place South Oakland Ducks have won eleven straight and hold a half game lead over the Black Sox.

The Ducks all-time record is now 81-80-2

Fitting I guess it comes in a forfeit win, as we’ve become as much known for our big, forfeit-preventing roster as anything.

South Oakland still needs to reschedule games vs. the Black Sox and a double header vs. the Militia.

Tentatively, those games will be played Thursday the 22nd 9pm at Moore Park and Saturday the 24th at Gateway Middle School.

The Ducks next game is Sunday 7/18, 12pm at Pie Traynor Field


the British Knights.

The Knights hope their new logo (above) will give them momentum going into the playoffs

I feel bad for the seven guys who showed up for the Eagles who wanted to play.  They have 18 on their roster, there’s no reason to have eleven no-shows.

If we play the Eagles in the tournament, we’re running up the score to make up for the lost innings.

They can blame their teammates who didn’t feel like playing tonight when they’re getting shelled and we keep running.

on the running up the score note, if there is a situation in which tie breakers are involved due to a cataclysmic inability to make up games and we get screwwed for not running up the score, it will be a shame.

Blame the Eagles for a lack of a recap.

It’s been a long night…



3 thoughts on “Ducks Win.

  1. After coming back and playing one game with the Eagles back in the Pittsburgh NABA I will say that the league is still poorly ran and too expensive for what you get. Starting games at 9:00 PM during the work week is very tough for those who work early in the morning. There are many centrally located field complexes that would love to accommodate an adult league on weekends, even if the fields were in a central location this would make things a lot easier for weekday night games, and why 9:00 PM? Why not 8:00 PM? I read this blog a lot; I used to be a Duck when the Ducks sucked. I like seeing the Ducks continue to win; I am not a great player but love to play that is why I thought about coming back but as an Eagle. After the one game I was at, I saw continued bad umpires and late starts; I will be waiting to turn 28 next year and tryout for the 28 and over league. Ben I would love to hear some of your thoughts on some of the topics I have brought up, I respect your baseball opinion on many levels. Please excuse any misspelling or grammar errors in this comment; I am at work doing multiple things. Thanks.


  2. Bob?

    These points are all valid. I work nights and have mondays off so i am not effected by the late starts although 9pm starts are a pain in the ass.

    This season every team was responsible for choosing their own home field, this decision was made for the Ducks before i knew i’d be coaching, but i kind of like spring hill. i expect to find a better, less expensive field for next season. _Mellon Park has lights now which is awesome, and, in retrospect, we should have made a push for that field for this season even though there is no fence.

    I think “central” is relative. The sprawl of players is wide. It is tough to get priority on good time slots with all the youth leagues.

    Weekday games at six were voted down in the off-season. The Umpires are inconsistent at times depending on the crew and they sometimes read this blog which i appreciate, but it is frustrating when they also appear to want to leave which is only sometimes is the case…that is part of the cost efficiency issue you raise.

    If we want better umpires we pay more. I will say it’s an upgrade over when we had players in the league umping and often not showing up, or before we went to big league umpires when we’d have one umpire who pocketed $60 for doing the game alone instead of bringing a second guy.

    Joe needs help. (I am sympathetic and think he does and has done a lot to make things better and we are headed in the right direction)I think he will be appreciated even more when he steps down – especially by whomever takes his place. The Commissioner and is open to ideas that will make the league better in terms of cost-efficiency and accessibility. Joe does a good job, but it’s tough to take on the load that he does and please everyone, he’s got to pick his battles.

    It cost under $10 per game to be a duck, which i think is reasonable, but I’d like it to be around 4 per game or $100 per player, to do that we need sponsors and/or fund-raising.

    De-affiliation with the NABA would save us some money, but that would put the onus of finding insurance on the individual teams.

    I think national could do more for us for what we pay them and i think field costs are a big issue as well. From what I understand the Fed League and Butler Eagle don’t have to pay for fields bc they have been around for so long.

    Finding solutions to a lot of these issues could help significantly, but i am willing to put up with much of it to play in basically the highest level i can and still contribute as an old man who smokes two packs a day.


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