Black Sox Clinch Wales.

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

South Oakland (16-6, 5-2) lost to the Brookline Black Sox, and when astonishingly, the Eagles didn’t give a shit about fielding a team and forfeited to the Sox today, Brookline clinched the Wales Conference and will play for the one seed in the playoffs against either the Hurricanes or Bulldogs at sometime in the near future.

South Oakland also won by forfeit today when the Knights only had seven players show up.

Why have the Eagles and Knights not merged?

It’s ridiculous. Maybe even merge with the Titan’s too and have one competitive team.

The Eagles and Knights are scheduled to play on wed. night at SpringView, if they will let us, the Ducks will play against both teams instead of a 7 on 7 game.

No way am I recapping the Sox game.

We played poorly and without a few key guys who normally start.

Usually smart Ducks  players made bad base running decisions and Brookline’s Peter “Pan” Chalfin pitched a phenominal game, striking out 15 Ducks.

There is nothing the Ducks want more than a shot at redemption in the playoffs.

Brookline’s catcher is a joke. Other than that, they are predominantly good ball players who play hard and feed off their exceptionally dedicated, drunk, fan base.

Moore Park is a tough place to play.

Hats off to Kenny Powers on a good season and another division title, you bastard.

South Oakland will finish up the regular season with two games vs. Militia location and date tbd.

South Oakland will eclipse last season’s win total with a victory.

I think we should assume the Knights and Eagles won’t be able to get a game on wed. night and play then.

It’s gonna be a mexican stand off to see who cancels first.

I hope Adam Smith is happy with his decision to leave a team with a .727 winning percentage for more playing time on a 4-13 team that forfeits every other game.


A post dedicated to the end of the careers of two long-time Ducks, both of whom played instrumental roles in turning around the franchise, in the upcoming weeks.


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