Tuesday – updated.

pittsburgh NABA, South Oakland Ducks Baseball

Here’s a link to the Bulldogs site, the commish discusses potential changes to the playoff structure.

check out the link above for what could potentially develop into a heated discussion on playoffs.

You can’t be a pimp and a prostitute too…

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10 thoughts on “Tuesday – updated.

  1. thanks for the proof reading. I still think the sox and hurricanes should just drink a bunch of liquor and fight it out, literally for the AA Championship in a royal rumble type event billed as the last event in the old civic arena. think of the funds we could raise for the league


  2. No kidding, at the Bucs game last Friday night there was a loud drunk in the stands yelling “Go Brookline! Go Brookline!”. The guy had two beers in his hands.

    I was thinking he had to be somehow affiliated with the Black Sox.


  3. Kenny – if it helps, the guy was shirtless, in section 134, and was warned at least once by security to quiet down…

    No I’m saying if what Holloway is stating is true, the Canes should stop whining and just play the game. (I know, look who’s talking…)


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